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You are probably posting a lot of content on your social media channels. If Twitter is one of your main social media choices, you might have challenges with figuring out how to get your message across and still stay within the 280-character limit with each tweet. Of course, your tweets not only need to adhere to the character limit but you also need them to represent your brand effectively and you need to make sure that your call-to-action is prominently featured. So, how do you achieve that within 280 characters?


Why shortening your links is effective

There are a few really good reasons why you need to shorten your links in tweets and those reasons go beyond merely meeting the character limit requirement. Using shortened links can help you in several different ways and each one of those reasons will help you to make your tweets more effective, more powerful, and more compelling.

At this juncture, you may be wondering why it is necessary (or even advisable) to use shortened links and to make sure that those shortened links are really doing a bang-up job for your brand. To take it one step further,  your shortened links should not only work but they should also be memorable and pleasant.

The main reason why you want to make your shortened links branded to your business is that people will click on those links more readily than a link that doesn’t speak to them. It is a really simple concept. That link is a how the other person will start to connect with you and beyond simply connecting, you and the other person will begin to interact and thus your relationship will begin.

Interestingly, as effective as branded links can be, a large number of people are not using them. They are really missing out on a large piece of market potential and so are you if you don’t start to use branded links for your business. There are many other reasons to use branded links and you may be pleasantly surprised at the results that you will achieve for your business.

  • Make your shortened links easy for readers to digest: Each week, you have the pressure of sharing new, exciting, valuable content for other people to read. You may automate what you can so that it cuts out some of the work that you would have to do otherwise. That doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do anything except sit back and watch it happen.In addition to the content itself (which, of course, is vitally important to your brand), if you work on making your links branded, you will achieve even better results than you would otherwise. Everyone benefits from branded links. Your target audience members benefit because they see a link that compels them to click on it and it takes them to even more valuable information. You benefit because you have created a link that the other person will remember and you will generate more traffic because of that link.

    If you use a link that just has a bunch of letters, numbers, symbols, etc., it is very difficult for the other person to remember it. The fact is that you understand the importance of making your content what it needs to be. You should apply the same concept to your shortened links. It must be of equal top quality.

  • Increase shareability: Your branded links have a good chance of ending up on everyone’s mind and on everyone’s tongue. If people remember your links, they will have an easy time sharing those links with other people whom they know and trust. The more you share with your online social circles, the more your content has a chance of being shared with other people online. Your branded links should be as easy to share and as easy to pronounce as possible. This will increase the amount of quality traffic you are able to gather for your brand.
  • Make sure that people can find your content without too much effort: If you use branded links, it will be much easier for other people to find you. Those links make you and your brand different from anyone else’s brand and business. Your branded links reinforce your brand. They also allow you to deliver the content successfully in most cases. An interesting feature of shortened links is that you can change them. If you want the links to lead to something different than what you originally intended, you can do that. You can get really creative and send your readers to different places.
  • Build trust with your target audience members: Your branded links are personal to you. That means that other people understand that you have approved of that link. In other words, it has your signature on it. That is an excellent way to build trust with other people. Of course, trust is one of the fundamental pieces on which your business is built. The more consistent you are with your branded links, the more people will trust you, find you credible, and view you as a subject matter expert.


Your content should never be random in any way. The words, as well as everything else that go with those words (links, graphic images, etc), must be well planned and well executed. Your branded links help other people to associate your business with the content, and other information that you post online for others to read. Shortened links are necessary in your tweets; however, branded short links are even more necessary for your brand because they bring the reader to where you need them to be easily. There is every reason for you to use branded shortened links to increase the success of your business and to bring your business to the next level.

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