Six Questions that Will Help You Create a Strong Market Position

We all do it. We race to our social media with newsy and clever bites hoping to drive clients to do business with us. Hoping they somehow choose us amidst all the noise. Hoping they “get” what makes us special. And we forget, social media has its place, but it’s hardly where developing a strong brand begins.

So, stop for a minute.

Ask yourself these questions: (1) Do I give a clear and compelling reason for people to do business with me instead of the next guy? (2) Do my potential clients quickly and easily understand how my product or service can benefit them?

Your brand is what your customers tell you it is. That means they decide who and what you are based on how they see you and how they have experienced you. We all know too well the dismay we feel when “they just don’t get what I do!”

The companies who build the strongest brands, and presumably the brand they intended…start with a clear-cut positioning statement.

I want to take you through six questions that will help you craft a powerful positioning statement – the number one key to developing a powerful brand.

Positioning defines how you want to be viewed by your best potential customer compared to the competition. If we look like everyone else, we’re just a commodity. And our only hope in securing the sale is to reduce price…which is always a losing game.

When you are really clear on why YOU and what specifically you can do to BENEFIT your customers and what it is that makes you UNIQUE, then you have a platform to begin engaging your customers in an entirely compelling way.

Set aside an hour, grab a cup of coffee, turn off your phone and dive into these six questions that will help you create a business that stands out!

  1. Who? Who are you? Why do you exist? This gets at Your Purpose
  2. What? What business are you in? Think in terms of The Value You Provide
  3. For Whom? Who is this for? Why do they care? Picture Your Ideal Customer
  4. What Need? What are the special needs of the people you serve? What specifically is The Pain You Solve / The Want You Fill
  5. Unique, How? What makes you different from your competitors? Can you quickly define Your Point of Difference / Your Niche
  6. So What? How can you change the way people feel? How can you help them live better lives? Show them why they should care by making an Emotional Connection

When you know how you want to show up…then you will be crystal clear in all of your marketing messages and your product and services will align and deliver.

If you are a savvy business person, you’ll realize this is a process you’ll do several times in the life of your company. Re-branding is not a fancy idea…it’s one of the key survival tools in a fast-paced world.

Seth Godin says it well, “Stay cutting-edge, stay relevant, and be remarkable…or fade into oblivion.

Charlene Ann Nelson

Charlene has made a life-long habit of being in other people’s business. When she’s not helping someone expand their business, she’s reading about it, blogging about it, and speaking about it. Her expertise in marketing, branding, advertising, and media relations will help you grow your business and connect with your customers on a new level. She will challenge your assumptions, expose you to new ideas, and help you discover (or uncover) that ONE great thing to make your brand or idea explode. Charlene also speaks to groups and organizations on marketing and business development applying her real-world examples and her expertise to create a dynamic and educational session.

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