It’s Not Too Late To Get Your Copy Of The 2017 CMO Survey

This biannual report provides an in-depth examination of both examination of strategy and sentiment across the marketing industry. The report is a joint venture between Deloitte, the American Marketing Association, and Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Compiled from the survey responses of 2,813 marketers at top companies, the 2017 CMO Survey examines nearly every aspect of the current marketing landscape. This 80-page report can provide the essential, current data that every marketing professional may need to drive results for their company.

Here is just a small sampling of the invaluable data contained within the CMO Survey:

  • Why are domestic marketing budgets on the rise (up 3.2% since 2016). What does that mean for your brand? (Page 17)
  • Feel like your international marketing budgets have been slashed? You’re not alone. International spending is down by nearly 12%. (Page 18)
  • Think traditional marketing channels can’t compete with digital? Think again. Non-internet marketing spending on a serious upswing, and currently growing faster than digital. (Page 26)
  • What trends are driving marketing researchers and consultants to lose ground to internal expertise? Is it related to increased investment in marketing for B2B services? Why are customer retention rates falling, even as acquisition and brand value steadily improve? (Pages 32 & 33)
  • Why are customer retention rates falling, even as acquisition and brand value steadily improve? (Page 38)
  • Feel like social media spending is overhyped? You may be right. There’s a 9% discrepancy between actual and predicted social media budgets. (Page 44)
  • Is mobile really the next big thing? Marketers expect it to account for 11.6% of marketing budgets within three years, but are still skeptical about its contribution to overall performance. (Pages 52 & 54)
  • Why are so many marketers anticipating a 376% growth in marketing analytics spending over the next three years?

These insights, and many more, are available for download in the latest 2017 CMO Survey from Deloitte, now available for download


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