Joanne Black

With decades of experience across multiple industries, and companies of all sizes, Joanne Black’s simple message about using referral selling as the primary driver of sales is one that resonates with sales and marketing audiences around the globe. As both a keynoter and breakout speaker, Joanne provides a compelling and interesting counterpunch to the increasingly “tech-dependent” mythology of sales 2.0. Every day sales people around the world hear stories of phenomenal success achieved exclusively through status updates and tweets. So the question becomes why isn’t it working for them? A splash of cold water At many conferences Joanne’s contrarian approach goes against the prevailing winds, and even the philosophies of other speakers sharing the stage with her. Joanne’s energetic presentation style and actionable-content provide audiences with a foundation to challenge what they hear in the blogosphere about how technology is changing how they should connect with prospects. Joanne’s first book No More Cold Calling™ is still the sales bible for many successful salespeople – with it’s process driven approach to increasing sales by turning friends, clients, and colleagues into your own private sales force!

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