Are You Letting Sales Slip Through the Phone Wires?

Are You Letting Sales Slip Through the Phone Wires?
By Jeff Davidson, MBA, CMC

Unwise use of phone could be jeopardizing your cash flow. If you use your calls,  to forge and fortify your image, however, sale can rise.

First Things First

Your first actions upon accepting an incoming call could represent the caller’s first impression of you and your business. So, who answers?  You?  Anyone? And what are your phone procedures, if you even have them?

Here are some of the most basic tenets of effective phone use that you don’t want to overlook:

Answer It – Answer your calls by the second or third ring. Picking up on the first ring is acceptable, although you may startle your caller. If you wait until after the fourth ring, your callers may get annoyed… if they even wait that long before hanging up.

Say Hello – Your greeting is a caller’s first introduction to you, so it’s important to convey a professional, even-paced, up-beat message. Speak slowly and distinctly so that each syllable of your name and store is distinguishable. If you garble the greeting, it could be the last contact you get from that caller

Smile – “Present a voice that projects enthusiasm, success, and quiet confidence,” suggests Louisville, KY based telephone consultant David Yoho. One of the easiest ways to convey these qualities is to take his advice and “speak with a smile.” Even though callers can’t see your facial expressions, your attitude and temperament come through loud and clear over the phone lines.

Jeff Davidson

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