Are Yellow Pages Advertisements Still Worth It?

Are Yellow Pages Advertisements Still Worth It?
By Jeff Davidson

Although Yellow Pages advertising has largely been trumped by website and social media, depending on what you sell and to whom, it could still be viable for your business/career.

Do many prospective clients and customers first become acquainted with your business through the Yellow Pages? If so, your challenge is producing a quality ad that positions you appropriately. Here are a few observations and tips:

Yellow Pages are “directional” media, showing people where to buy once they have already made the decision. Your basic decisions include:
*    whether to advertise in the Yellow Pages
*    what heading(s) to place the ad under
*    how large an ad to run
*    what layout to use

Your Yellow Pages publisher or sales representative should be able to give you usage data for the directory. Remember to ask about the type of distribution system the publisher uses. Do they mail copies or deliver door-to-door? Do they give businesses one copy for each telephone on the premises? Also, where are your competitors advertising? Have they been long-term users of that directory? If so, it’s a good bet they are getting results.

Here are some do’s and don’ts from the American Association of Yellow Pages Publishers when establishing your yellow pages advertisement:

*    Think from the reader’s point of view.
*    Include hours of operation, lines carried, and your location
*    Make it easy for the reader to find you. A local landmark may help: “One block west of the Palace Movie Theatre.”
*    Distinguish your business from the competition. Are your years in business important to customers?
*    Keep the ad clean and simple.

*    Use the company name as the heading unless it is descriptive.
*    Use more than two different type faces.
*    Use detailed line drawings.
*    Use color photographs or poorly focused black and white pictures.

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