Sales Tip – The Test

Sales Tip – The Test

An effective way of gaining more business is by being memorable to those you meet.  If others remember what you do, they then can refer you to those who need your service(s)/product(s).


Do a test to see how memorable you are.  Ask your friends and family to tell you what you do and what you sell.  If they are anything but accurate, you have some homework to do.  As you know, the more people who know what you really do, the more sources you have to refer business to you.


If you need to polish how you describe what you do, consider describing what you do with a metaphor or simile.  It makes it easier for others to remember what you do.  I recently heard an insurance salesperson describe what they sell as being like a well-designed bathing suit saying, “It provides maximum coverage and minimal exposure.”  The twist of humor also added to its memorable-ness.


Do you know if others really know what you do and what you sell?


What can you do to increase the likelihood that others will remember what you do so they can refer others to you?


What metaphor or simile can you use to make what you do and sell more memorable?

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