Sales Tip: Meaning or Profit

Here’s a question for you: Do the top salespeople focus on meaningful engagement or profitable engagement?

You may be surprised by the answer. The most effective approach to sales it to focus on meaningful engagement.

You may be wondering why not focus on profit. Because profit is the by-product of meaningful engagement. And misunderstanding can sometimes be the by-product of focusing on profit.

If you focus on profit only, your conversations are more limited and transactional with your clients which can mean you lose opportunities to sell. Yet if you focus on meaning, your sales conversations include those items that might affect your clients’ interest in buying, which will ultimately lead to you more likely making the sale and making profit.

For example, a colleague of mine recently had a conversation with a client who he thought was ready to buy but then they had their conversation to finalize the deal, the client shared that she wasn’t ready to move forward because she had too much on her plate and she needed to spend her time finding a new staff member. Because of focusing on meaning (and not just profit), my colleague was able to connect his client to someone who was perfect for the position. And in the same conversation, my colleague said, “If this person works out the way you hope when can we finalize the details?” The client responded with, “Let’s finalize it now.”

Because my colleague focused on meaningful engagement, he benefited from the by-product of profit.

Have you been more focused on profit or meaning with your clients?

Take a look at the sales you’ve lost in the last week or two. What could you have done in those conversations to be more focused on meaning?

What are you going to do this week to focus more on meaning so you can experience its by-product?

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