Sales Tip – Double Check

Inexperienced salespeople demonstrate their lack of sales savvy by avoiding objections.   Alternatively, experienced salespeople dig deep into the objections their clients share with them.  They bask in their clients’ objections.

Identifying them.

Isolating them.

Exploring them.

Confirming their understanding of them.

Addressing them with clients.

And most importantly, ensuring they did address their objections fully and completely.

No discussion of an objection is complete until clients confirm that their concerns have been covered completely.

On your part it can be as simple as asking clients, “Does that solve your concern?”

If clients say “Yes,” you’re ready to move on in the sales conversation.  But if clients say anything other than yes, they have just given you the opportunity to discuss their remaining concern(s) in greater detail.

Don’t move on with the sales conversation until clients confirm that you have completely addressed their concerns.

Do you avoid or dig deep when it comes to objections?

What can you do better in your digging deep with your clients’ objections?

What question are you going to ask to double check that you have fully addressed your clients’ objections?

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