Failing to Pass Critical Tests

Failing to Pass Critical Tests
       By Jeff Davidson

If prospective buyers visit your plant or office and it is not up to par visually, you could be losing sales. Is your location clean? Are supplies stored convenient yet out of the way? Have employees been briefed, and do they conduct themselves as professionals?

What does the outside and inside of your place of business say about you as a vendor?  Would you do business with you based on appearance? If the answer is no, then it is probably the same answer you will get from buyers.

Poor Quality
Poor quality control resulting in too many defects is a major cause of lost business.  Do any of the following characterize your operations?
* Defects due to machine or human error
* Ineffective quality control program
* Inadequately trained staff
* Under-skilled staff
* Improper equipment

Failing to Pass the Online Test
Is your website scaring people away because your ordering system is cumbersome, your terms aren’t clear, your return policy isn’t spelled out, or your privacy policy is non-existent? Have family and friends visit your site as they didn’t know you or your company. Can they navigate easily? You need to know.

Box: How many potential sales did you lose in the last twelve months due to the following:

*    Failure to pass on site inspection?
*    Defects?
*    Low accessibility?
*    Poor website

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