Sales Coaching Tip – Stories and Objections (Use of Stories)

Sales Coaching Tip – Stories and Objections (Use of Stories)

Salespeople often use stories to connect their prospects’ needs and challenges to the solution their product(s)/service(s) provide.  True client stories can also be used to respond to objections.


For example, if your team members’ prospect shares an objection, they can respond by sharing a story about a client who had a similar objection and they were able to address and solve the concern successfully.  Imagine a prospect sharing a price objection and then your team members sharing a client story where the client actually saved more money than he expected and made back his investment within three months.


The key for your sales coaching is to make sure the story is as relevant as possible to the prospects’ objections.


A simple way to coach your team members on their use of stories when they encounter objections is to ask them to share the specifics about a recent sales conversation that included a client objection.  Then coach them on what story they used or which story they could have used.  This kind of proactive coaching relative to stories and objections will help your team to be more effective in their response to objections, turning objections into opportunities to help prospects with their buying decisions.


Who on your team is getting a fair number of objections?


Who of those individuals would benefit from some coaching around how to use stories to respond to objections?


What are you going to do to help those team members do a better job of using stories to respond to objections?

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