Sales Tip – How Often …

Sales Tip – How Often …

The phrase, “I have to think about it,” is often client-speak for when salespeople either don’t either discover the client’s true needs or they didn’t address their client’s needs effectively enough. Either way there is room for improvement.

The question is:  How often are you hearing, ”I have to think about it” in your sales conversations?  If you are like most salespeople, you hear this phrase on a fairly regular basis.  The best way to reduce the frequency of hearing this kind of statement from clients is to be proactive and focus on improving how you discover and address your clients’ needs.

Start first with reviewing what questions you ask to discover your clients’ needs.   Write out what you are asking now to unveil your clients’ needs and then take those questions and improve them.  Save the new-and-improved list and practice asking those questions.

Second, think about how you are using their responses to adapt how you respond to their needs.  For improving the way you address clients’ needs, consider doing a role play with someone so you can practice being flexible in your response depending on how your role played client responds to your questions.

You’ll most likely find that you are missing some important parts in either identifying or addressing clients’ needs. By doing some review and improving in these two areas, you develop more effective sales habits so you don’t hear “I have to think about it” as often.

Are you hearing “I have to think about it” more than you would like?

How well are you identifying and addressing your clients’

What are you going to do differently to help reduce the number of times you hear “I have to think about it?”

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