Social media checklist – get it all done in under an hour a day

Social media is like a hurricane that, within just a couple of years, blew across industries disrupting the lives of marketers with already very full plates. And let’s be honest – for many businesses – it fell into the laps of the youngest staff member who knew how to turn on a computer. It’s almost not fair how the expectations to master social media came on so abruptly, but the truth is, you can do a pretty great job at social media marketing by dedicating just 55 minutes a day. We break it down for you in this social media checklist. Read below graphic for tips and free social media tools to cross off each item on the social media checklist in record time. Curate content (10 minutes) The item on your social media checklist should be obvious – figure out what you’re going to post today! Content curation is a lot more than just deciding what you feel like talking about, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be a complicated process.

In fact, with the right tools, it can save you quite a bit of time. The following free content curation tools will help you find trending content in your industry fast: Swayy Trendspottr Content Gems Feedly Klout Schedule social media posts (15 minutes) Now that you’ve found some great content to share, it’s time to actually schedule them to publish on your social media channels today. Write a few messages for the content you curated, add in some proprietary content and you’re ready to go! Schedule all of your posts at once using free social media tools like Hootsuite or Buffer, and you won’t have to worry about them for the rest of the day! Want to make the process go even faster? Use automation tools like IFTTT and Zapier to automatically publish social media posts every time you or your favorite sites add a new blog post. You won’t have to lift a finger! Track relevant keywords and hashtags (5 minutes) Make sure you don’t miss anything major going on in your industry by scrolling through relevant keyword and hashtag feeds. This won’t only help you stay current, but will also give you ideas for creating your own content and connect you to other influencers and even prospective customers or clients in the space. Use tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck to track feeds for all of your keywords and hashtags in one place. Trying to figure out which hashtags and keywords you should be watching? The following free social media tools will help you narrow your search: Ritetag Sonar Solo by Bottlenose Hashtagify Talkwalker

It may seem like a lot more work than 10 minutes a day – but that’s really all you need to stay on top of things. Remember, 10 minutes every day adds up to almost an hour a week. Engage with influencers and prospects (10 minutes) I actually really hate the term “engage with influencers” when it comes to social media marketing. It sounds so technical and overly complicated. But it’s actually a very simple concept – just talk to people. Follow the influencers in your field as well as business prospects on your various social channels and look for opportunities to converse. Retweet and share their posts, reply to their messages, answer their questions and ask some of your own. Think of it like a networking event. Take a few minutes to make your way around the virtual room and have some conversations. Some of them may turn into valuable and lucrative relationships! I strongly suggest using Twitter Lists to keep track of and categorize influencers and prospects. You can stream the lists for free in Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. Connect with new prospects (5 minutes) Don’t let your stream run dry! Take some time every day to find and follow new people you’d like to have relationships with. The following free social media tools will help you find qualified prospects. Twtrland Klout Thank your supporters (10 minutes) Your mom told you when you were a child, but it still rings true – a thank you can go a very, very long way. While you’re out looking for people to follow and engage with, people are doing the same and finding you! Make sure to reward the people who have taken the time to engage with you with a simple thank you. Remember, what they’re really saying when they do so is that they want to connect with you, so take advantage of the interest to cultivate mutually beneficial business relationships. – See more at:

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