Sales Tip – Questions

One would expect that salespeople know what questions to ask to sell.  Yet, experience has proven otherwise.


By working on the specific sales questions you ask, you’ll improve your sales skills and ultimately increase your sales.


Here’s a way to help you fine-tune your sales questions:

  1. Break your typical sales cycle into the sales conversations you have with prospects
  2. Divide those sales conversations into the sections or types of questions you typically ask (like networking questions, needs questions, decision-making questions, next steps questions, closing questions, etc.)
  3. Write out the questions you ask for each section or type of question
  4. Tweak those questions so they are more effective and helpful to prospects


By doing this kind of preparation, you’ll ensure the effectiveness of your sales questions.  This will lead to better sales results.


How strong are your questioning skills?


Which category of questions do you need to improve the most?


What are you going to do to fine-tune those questions?

Peri Shawn
Coaching And Sales Institute
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