Sales Tip – Effective Cross Selling

When you are looking to improve your cross selling, figure out what you are doing that is working and not working for you relative to your cross selling.  Then you can plan what you can do to improve your cross selling.

You may discover you need to focus on improving what you do when you are:

Introducing cross selling in your conversations
Positioning other lines of business more effectively
Engaging clients’ interest in other lines of business sooner
Determining more efficiently which line of business to offer
Which questions to ask to increase your cross selling
Leveraging your opportunities to cross sell better
Reducing the time you take to cross sell

Once you’ve figured out what cross selling assistance you need, your planning will be more targeted and therefore more effective.

As part of your planning, consider getting coached by a colleague, watching one of your company’s top cross seller’s sell, reading material on what to say or ask to cross sell more effectively, etc.

Are you doing much cross selling now?

What kind of cross selling help do you need?

When are you going to make time for your cross selling planning?

Peri Shawn
Coaching And Sales Institute
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