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Sales Coaching Tip – Focus on Reality

Today’s customers are more sophisticated because of their easy access to information and reviews about the product(s) you are selling.  For this reason, your clients don’t “need” your sales team for the same reasons they once did.


It all boils down to the relationship your team develops with each and every client.  This is where you and your team can do some brainstorming.


Consider brainstorming with your team members during your coaching sessions about how they can be even more focused on the client relationship.   For example: What are they doing to improve the client experience?  What are they doing to demonstrate that they really understand each client?  What are they doing to be more helpful to clients today than they were yesterday?


You can facilitate this kind of client-focused brainstorming with questions like:

“What was the main concern the client expressed?”

“What could be the reasons for the client having that concern?”

“If you were the client, why might you have that concern?”

“What could be the possible product solutions for each of those reasons?”

“What information would someone who is not in the industry need to know if they had that problem?”

“What would you and your colleagues choose that others would not think of doing?”


Often your team has gems of information from your industry that can be immensely helpful to clients.


However, your team may not be aware of these gems due to their proximity to the information.  You know the old adage.  Sometimes we are too close to things to see the value they have.


By giving your team members the chance to brainstorm how they can truly understand and help clients better, you will help facilitate them to take their relationships with clients to the next level.  This will make your team and company stand out above the competition.


What is your team doing currently to demonstrate they understand clients?


What can you ask to help your team members become more aware of their clients’ needs?


What can you ask to get them brainstorming about how to be more helpful to clients?

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