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The use of effective marketing content leads to increased sales productivity. Today, most customers that sales reps face are educated buyers. These customers consume whitepapers, case studies, product collateral and reviews before they meet with a sales rep for the first time. Due to their pre-meeting preparation, educated buyers expect their exchange with a sales rep to entice them with unique ideas they haven’t yet seen and solutions relevant to their company’s success. In fact, most customers expect the sales reps they meet with to be experts, equipped with all relevant product information. To compete with the educated buyer and increase sales productivity, it is pertinent that sales reps be equipped with effective and informative marketing content.

Yet, despite the highly important role effective marketing content plays in the selling game, aForbes study states that even today 50% of B2B executives view their content as ineffective and regard their inability to create enough effective content as their biggest content challenge. Chances are, your team can relate to this struggle. How can this be  solved? It’s actually quite simple. Effective marketing content needs to be: actionable, findable, engaging, trackable and recyclable. What exactly do we mean by this? We’ll tell you.


Actionable Content


Content should generate a sense of urgency among prospects. It should challenge them on the effectiveness of their current methods, encouraging them to explore more efficient alternatives. By fostering a sense of need among prospects, an opportunity arises for sales reps to sell their product and emphasize value based on the prospect’s pain points.


Findable Content


Content that sales reps cannot quickly access isn’t effective and leads to great inefficiencies. In fact, sales reps spend about 30 hours each month looking for and creating content, wasting precious selling time. In order for sales reps to successfully sell, they must use their time wisely, spending more time selling and less time doing preparation work. Findable content enables sales reps to access the material they need to use in their sales conversations and move deals forward. Solutions like Showpad enable marketing to strategically organize all of their content in one centralized platform. This provides sales reps easy access to marketing content, equipping them with the information they need to answer prospect’s questions and prove their product’s value.


Engaging Content


Content must appeal to the customer. It should tell a story and invite the customer to engage. Avoid the ordinary usage of PDFs, Word documents and pamphlets, as these aren’t very engaging. Instead, marketing and sales should partner together to create dynamic content that both sales and customers can interact with. In using alternatives such as HTML5 files, videos, and sales playbooks, you’ll successfully engage with your audience, educating them about your product through a story-telling format, custom built to their specific needs.


Trackable Content


Content is useless unless it proves to capture prospects’ attention and inform them with the information they need to pursue the sales deal further. But, how do you determine which content is effective in driving sales? What sales collateral are your reps using to close deals? Further, what shared content do your customers spend the most time on digesting post meeting? Content must be trackable. With sales enablement solutions like Showpad, post meeting interactions with the shared content are tracked, providing sales reps with actionable follow-up insights and marketing with feedback to use in their future content creation strategy.

Recyclable Content


Content creation is incredibly resource-intensive. In fact, the CMO Council states that B2B marketing organizations are now spending more than 25% of their budgets on the development, delivery and promotion of content to drive business leads, influence customer markets and grow brand presence and authority. To maximize your time and resources, the most effective type of content should be re-used and re-purposed to create other forms of sales collateral. Focus on different ways you can recycle your content, maximizing your resources to drive sales forward.

In closing, to grow, businesses rely on effective content to communicate their product value and benefits to prospects. CMO’s allocate a large budget annually towards the production of powerful marketing content, but are often disappointed with the return. To improve upon your current marketing content strategy and close more sales, content must be actionable, findable, engaging, trackable and recyclable. By implementing these traits into your company’s content strategy, sales reps will succeed in creating impactful sales interactions.
What is Showpad? Showpad is a mobile-first sales enablement solution that gives marketing control over content and messaging while providing the sales team with effective material to present and share with prospects. Both sales and prospect’s interaction with content is tracked and actionable insights are provided to streamline the entire sales process.

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