CPQ solutions: A Key Tool for Efficient Sales

At one time or another, all sales organisations experience the same challenge: producing accurate and professional-looking sales quotes quickly and without errors.

Although this is a common challenge, many sales managers still have no solution for how to address it effectively. Many companies turn to CRM software to help maintain customer relations. CRM solutions help keep track of customer data and pass valuable information about customer needs up the chain of command to be assessed by the marketing team, who can perform course-correction as necessary to meet the needs of both current and potential customers.

Unfortunately, CRM tools do little to assist the sales force during the customer acquisition process, or help with the selling process itself. Additionally, many CRM tools require sales teams to spend much of their time on activities only loosely related to sales, like maintaining the customer database. These tasks, while ultimately necessary, draw the focus of your sales agents away from direct customer interaction where they are needed most. In fact, sales reps using CRM software alone spend on average only one third of their time selling. What if maintenance tasks and offer validation could be handled automatically, enabling your sales team to sell at all times?

CPQ (Configure Price Quote solutions) is a growing software category that tackles this challenge by guiding sales agents through the sales process to create fast, error-free quotes.

With CPQ solutions, your sales teams can be less worried about reporting and maintenance tasks and more focused on taking action in the field, generating the revenue that your business needs to succeed. More time to sell means more customers, and a flawless customer experience means those customers will keep coming back – and are more likely to refer new prospects.

The acronym CPQ, for “Configure, Price, Quote”, has become a buzzword in recent years.


CPQ solutions allow a sales force to address one of the primary needs of today’s B2B buyers: providing a unique combination of products and product options that match the needs of the buyer. Configure Price Quote applications can enable your sales agents to configure complex product offerings, following company-specific rules while meeting your customers’ needs.


Configure Price Quote software enables any sales team to create quotes with accurate and consistent pricing, including discounts, upfront payments, bundles and more. CPQ solutions let you put guidelines in place that ensure your sales agents only sell using the latest approved pricing rules. CPQ solutions also ensure that your sales force can handle volume discounts and provide pre-negotiated contract pricing. With Configure Price Quote applications, sales managers can be sure that pricing is always accurate and margins are always maximized.


With only one click, a sales agent can create a quote, send the quote to the customer via email, or even close the deal on the spot with e-signature. CPQ software automatically pulls together the configured products and pricing, makes quality and compatibility checks, and generates a consistent and professional quotation. While Configure Price Quote solutions are proven to make sales agents more effective, a CPQ solution is an essential part of any company’s successful global and multi-channel sales strategy. CPQ solutions grant sales managers full control over partners or other indirect sales channels. Sales managers can manage revenue shares, exclusive discounts, or pricing and shipping fees, using role-based access and discount locks to help define who can access what information. In addition, CPQ solutions allow the management of different strategies for different channels or geographies by giving full visibility of sales trends and channel effectiveness.

Apparound is a cloud computing software company founded in the heart of Silicon Valley, that provides CPQ solutions on a per license basis.  Apparound configuration, pricing and quoting tools manage complexity, eliminate errors and clear bottle necks in the sales process. 

To learn more about CPQ solutions and to see whether the time is right for you to invest in CPQ solutions, check your company’s CPQ solutions readiness and look at how to choose CPQ solutions.

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