It’s often the small things that make a difference to clients.

I know I’m extremely loyal to the gal, Susie, who sells me clothes. And the main reason is because every time I go into her shop, at least once, I hear the words, “Take it off, honey! It’s not you.”

Her brutal honesty keeps me coming back. In a city as big as Toronto there are lots of places I can shop for clothes but because of Susie’s honesty she has me coming back. (By the way, “That’s a wow!” is also in her vocabulary. As you can see, I can trust her to be straight with me.)

How does this relate to your coaching of your team?

“What small things make a difference to clients” is an ideal topic for a team meeting or one-on-one coaching.

What can you do to help your team become more aware of the opportunities to do “small things” to further make a difference for clients?

How are you going to integrate discussing and recording the “small things” your team can do to make a bigger difference to clients?

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