Know the Right Time to “Assume the Sale”


Know the Right Time to “Assume the Sale” | Pipeliner CRM 

1. Don’t “sell” — instead, build a relationship.

Novice salespeople hear that they should “assume the sale.” But if salespeople go into meetings with unearned assumptions, they will appear egotistical to the prospect.

2. Start the relationship by asking, not pushing.

Ask prospects questions that demonstrate your interest in their challenges, their vision, and what you can do to help. Slowly and surely the prospect will start to like and trust you. That leads to confiding in you — allowing you to dive deeper into how your product or service may fit with their needs.

3. Even at the beginning of your relationship with a future client, build a picture of the longer-term relationship.

Don’t think about closing — think about keeping the sale open — especially after the sale, when arguably, the most important of the relationship takes place — with referrals.

4. Pay attention to difficult or time-consuming tasks prospects may set for you.

Deliver on these requests conscientiously. Consider them to be another way that a prospect confirms your reliability. Keeping your commitments develops tremendous credibility — and once you have credibility you’ll be entitled to “assume the sale.”

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