Minimize a Stressful Quarter End

The first quarter is nearly gone. My hope is that you are year to date or better against your quota. In my experience frantic quarter ends are stressful. Beyond that, they increase the chances the following quarter will require a repeat performance.

The problem is that if a seller must try to close accounts (some before buyers are ready to make decisions) at quarter end, they’ll drain pipelines to a point where the first month of the following quarter is spent finding new opportunities to replace those that closed or may have found were not going to close. In these situations discounting is common. The best case is you get the business, but concessions reduce the revenue realized.

One approach to minimizing stressful quarter ends is focusing less on your current YTD position and project ahead. If an average sell cycle is 4 months, determine how much potential revenue is at each milestone, factor the totals by your average close rates and see if you have a realistic expectation of being YTD in 4 months.

This early warning system provides sellers more runway to have the volume of opportunities needed on an ongoing basis. It should help reduce the number of frantic quarter ends and their aftershocks. As with driving, the view out of the windshield is far more important than what’s in the rear view mirror.

Frank Visgatis

As co-founder, President & Chief Operating Officer of CustomerCentric Systems®, LLC and co-author of the CustomerCentric Selling® sales methodology, Frank Visgatis drives the overall direction and strategy for CustomerCentric Systems®, LLC, leveraging 20 years of leadership experience. Visgatis knows how to conceptualize and execute a new business strategy into a winning company. He has done it numerous times - from co-founding a thriving commercial and residential real estate holding company to transforming a private consulting practice into one of the most successful sales training providers in the country. His ability to identify trends and changes in the sales ecosystem has helped improve the dynamic of interaction between sellers and buyers through the development of CustomerCentric Selling® and Sales Ready Messaging®. Visgatis' vision has propelled CustomerCentric Systems®, LLC as one of the industry's top providers of sales process consulting, sales training and Sales Ready Messaging®.

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