Importance of Interest Qualification

Traditional sales training reinforces negative stereotypes of salespeople by teaching sellers the approach to manipulate buyers.

Now through the Internet, technology, social networking and social media outlets readily available to buyers, they are now in complete control the entire time. Vendors who aren’t selected, those who lost, never even knew they were in the game.

The reality today is that the buying experience begins for a particular vendor when a potential buyer accesses that company’s website or logs into a webinar hosted by the vendor. The buyer can readily get a ballpark figure of what an offering will cost. Now more than ever, it is important for sellers to engage initial interactions by doing interest qualification to uncover a buyer’s self-generated requirements. This validates and respects the research about the vendor that the buyer has already done. Failing to extend the courtesy of learning buyers’ self-discovered requirements trivializes their research and reinforces all the negative stereotypes of traditional selling.

Frank Visgatis

As co-founder, President & Chief Operating Officer of CustomerCentric Systems®, LLC and co-author of the CustomerCentric Selling® sales methodology, Frank Visgatis drives the overall direction and strategy for CustomerCentric Systems®, LLC, leveraging 20 years of leadership experience. Visgatis knows how to conceptualize and execute a new business strategy into a winning company. He has done it numerous times - from co-founding a thriving commercial and residential real estate holding company to transforming a private consulting practice into one of the most successful sales training providers in the country. His ability to identify trends and changes in the sales ecosystem has helped improve the dynamic of interaction between sellers and buyers through the development of CustomerCentric Selling® and Sales Ready Messaging®. Visgatis' vision has propelled CustomerCentric Systems®, LLC as one of the industry's top providers of sales process consulting, sales training and Sales Ready Messaging®.

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