Want to be a better salesperson? Nail these 3 skills.

Becoming a better salesperson is a quest. It’s a lot of hard work, but the best of the best accept this challenge and always expect to come out on top. Every salesperson has their own process, their own touch, their own X factor.

Whether you’re new to the sales game and still haven’t quite found your sales swagger, or you’re a seasoned veteran; nailing these 3 skills can make a significant impact on your bottom line and help you kill your quota.

1. Be the Expert

When was the last time you bought a mattress? How about a car? Now flip that around and ask yourself “How often is your customer buying your solution?” If the purchase price is enough to warrant a commission, chances are it’s a high priced purchase that doesn’t occur often. It’s important to remember that you’re an expert in your field, and it’s up to you to show this to your prospect. The buyer on the other end of the phone makes this type of purchase every few years, you close deals like this with your eyes closed, so act like it! Stand up, be an expert in your field and help guide the buyer to the best solution for them (this isn’t always your product).

When your buyer talks about competitors, don’t get nervous and rattled, this is your chance to shine! Explain why you are the best solution, show them how you will make them successful, don’t fold just because the prospect mentions the competition. Reps who are new to a company often fall into this trap. Just because you’re on ramp doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re doing. The second you close a few deals, you already have more experience than your buyer, so act like it. Act like an expert, and your prospects will value your opinion, act like a noob and you’ll be invisible.

2. Establish Trust

It’s all about trust when it comes time to get the deal signed. The buyer wants to know that you’re invested in them. They want to know that when things go wrong you’ll be fighting to make things right. They want to know that you’re taking on the risk too. When someone buys from you, they are putting their professional reputation on the line. It’s your job as the salesperson to establish trust so that the buyer doesn’t feel like they’re making the purchase alone and assume risk. Don’t leave your buyer on their own little island. There are many ways to assume risk, we’ll cover that another time.

3. Adopt New Tools

The sales game is changing; technology is making sales reps smarter, and more efficient than ever before. Have you ever received a call from a sales rep while you were reading their ‘cold’ email? Do you really think that was a coincidence? It’s easy to get stuck in your ways, don’t do it! Follow the latest news in the industry. We’re in an amazing time where technology is allowing sales reps to do things they’ve never been able to do before. Did you know that you can set up automated outbound drip campaigns that stop once the prospect replies, or automatically add leads from Linkedin to your CRM with a single click? Adopt new sales technology and use it to beat the hell out of your dinosaur competitors.

So to recap:
1.Be the expert in your field and guide your buyer through the sales process.
2.Establish trust and assume risk when your prospect is putting their professional reputation on the line.
3.Sales technology is your friend, adopt early and reap the rewards.

Did I miss anything? If a salesperson were to spend one hour on skill development, what would you recommend they do? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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