In Selling, Integrity Pays

By Jeff Davidson

In recent years, we’ve seen wide spread graft and corruption in our highest levels of government, in industry, on Wall Street, and elsewhere throughout our society.

Less Flash, More Substance
Many polls now indicate that Americans are eager to return to a more ethical society where right and wrong count.  They are less attracted by flash and promise, but retained with interested, substance and follow through.

More than any time perhaps in the last fifteen years, simply operating a reputable establishment helps win customers. How is this achieved? By telling it like it is:

* The vendor who honestly states that the delay will be closer to two hours rather than 30 minutes has a higher potential for retaining long term customers when in fact the delay will be about two hours.

* The store owner who explains why the $10.00 higher priced item isn’t necessarily better than the less expensive equivalent, retains customers.

* The auto mechanic who finds one small thing wrong with your car, fixes it in six minutes at an appropriate charge, and sends you on your way, is the one you will come back too.

Up to Here
Customers have had it up to here with being manipulated. Your ability to play it straight and charge appropriately is one of your most valuable assets.

Jeff Davidson

Jeff Davidson, the Work Life Balance Expert®, can move an audience like few others. Jeff offers dynamic learning keynotes and seminar presentations.

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