Stop wasting your time. Cold calling is not effective. It’s impossible to get past the gatekeeper, and nobody answers the phone. Oh, have I got your attention now? Before you start punching keys, telling me how wrong I am – stop and breathe. I’m just trying to teach you a lesson about writing subject lines for sales emails that actually work.

In reality, I think cold calling is super effective and there’s an art to it. So why did I put that as my post title? I got you to click didn’t I? Today I want to share how you can have prospects open your emails with the same intensity that you had when you clicked on this blog post.

A touch of Kanye is ok, but don’t go overboard

My man Will Ferrel puts it best, “No one knows what it means but it’s provocative, it gets the people going!” In today’s email world, you need to be edgy to get your cold email opened. The average business person gets 121 emails per day, that’s a lot of noise you need to cut through. Using “Intro to company name” or “My Company <> Your Company” as the subject line is for rookies. Get creative and think about what will make this person click on that email and read what it has to say.

Try writing about something you know your prospect cares deeply about. Don’t be afraid to deviate from what everyone else is doing, unless you want to be like everyone else. I wanted to write a blog post for salespeople, so I took a jab at cold calling. If you’re reading this, it worked. Plain vanilla subject lines stopped working years ago, if you want to be successful in your outbound efforts, you need to stand out.

Know Your Goals

The more people who open your email, the better chances you have of finding that outbound sales opportunity. Focus on getting email opened first, then you can refine the messaging. Become a master of subject lines and you will see immediate improvements in your pipeline. It’s best to track email opens with a tool like Base or Persist IQ to help keep things organized. Assuming you’re only emailing qualified leads, increasing your open rate from 15% to 30% will double the amount of leads in your pipeline. It’s that simple. Write better subject lines, double your sales.

Personalization works

Including your prospect’s name, or something personal to them in the subject line can help get the email opened. Mailchimp has done a lot of research on the topic if you’re interested in deeper reading. I’m not saying, “Josh, I have an amazing deal for you.” That’s too spammy. Try something like “Josh, your sales reports aren’t accurate.” If I’m someone who does sales reporting, I’m likely going to open this email.

Test, Test, Test

You’re not going to nail it on the first try. Keep trying different subjects and pull inspiration from everywhere. Tabloids are excellent at grabbing a reader’s attention. “You’ll never believe what Beyonce just released” – dammit, tell me! I could easily transform this to “You’ll never believe what your sales reps missed.” BuzzSumo is also a great tool for finding subject lines/headlines that grab attention. Type in your subject, and you’ll see titles of posts that went viral.

Be Fearless

Remember, worst case scenario is that your email doesn’t get opened, so don’t be afraid to try new things. Personalize the subject line, write something that will catch the attention of your prospect and repeat until you’re getting at least a 30% open rate.

What are your favorite subject lines? I’d love to hear in the comments below. If you’re going to share the article, please don’t spoil the trick at the beginning!

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