Clarifying the Role of the CCO – Competency #1

Competency #1: Honor and Manage Customers as Assets
Know the Growth or Loss of Customers and Care About the “Why?”

With this competency, the goal is to align leaders to make a defining performance metric—the growth or loss of your customer base.
Customer Asset Measurement is about knowing what customers actually did to impact business growth or loss versus what they say they might do via survey results.

For example:
•how many new customers did you bring in this quarter, volume and value? (What is the power of your acquisition engine?)
•how many customers were lost this quarter, volume and value? (What is the power of the experience and value perceived?)
•how many customers increased their purchases?
•how many customers declined in their level of engagement with you?

The role of the Chief Customer Officer is to bring leaders together to establish Customer Asset Metrics and customer growth behaviors they will stand behind as a united leadership team.

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