Smart Marketing: Cooperating with the Media

Smart Marketing: Cooperating with the Media
                   by Jeff Davidson

A battle was in the making. Reporters from the local paper were accusing JK Sales company officials of withholding information. JK felt besieged and responded by stopping their usual flow of news releases. While the battle raged, employee morale plummeted, special projects were abandoned and a general air of mistrust pervaded.

PQ Imports, on the other hand, emphasizes a keen understanding of public relations. PQ realizes that cooperation with the press serves PQ’s purpose, especially when times are tough. PQ’s president holds regular press conferences and regularly issues news releases. The company regards communication with the press to be a joint effort.

These two examples point out that a firm’s position is best preserved or upheld when they cooperate with the press – not when it approaches the press as an enemy.

Executives of a social services organization wanted to improve communications by holding monthly meetings. The meeting were promoted extensively in the city newspaper. The meetings were held at night to make it easier for people who worked during the day to attend. Each meeting began with a ten minute, professionally produced slide show.

These well-attended meetings lasted ninety minutes and received favorable press coverage. In addition to improving the communications link between the organization and its patrons, the organization received valuable input on several pressing service issues.

Working with the media is an idea whose time is here.

Jeff Davidson

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