Sell More Now

by Leslie Groene

Many Business Development sales people ask me how they can sell more solutions or products so that they can increase top line revenue. Salespeople easily get distracted by production issues, pricing, contract writing, internal paper work, and other activities that take them away from selling.

If you log how much time you spend daily in Revenue Generating Activities, you will see how much valuable time is spent in non-sales activities.

Since we’re all selling our time, time is our most valuable resource. So, analyze where and how we spend our time: Are we pursuing the correct prospect—do they buy what we sell?  Are we spending time selling to the right clients—do they appreciate our value/are we making money? Are we calling on the decision maker? Do we know when to stop calling on a prospect and move on? Are we building a trusted relationship?  How can we move the selling cycle to the next step?

We must be clear on how we spend our time so we can be as productive as possible. It is understandable that we all need to perform a certain amount of account maintenance activities and paperwork to satisfy the work flow and billing process. Try to delegate as much of these time suckers a possible and focus on market facing selling and relationship development. You are not being a sales rep unless you are selling!

Back-to-Basics Sales Strategy You can grow your business in two ways: Find new customers and sell current customers additional solutions. We need to maximize our relationships and use effective selling to maintain or grow our market share which can include new solutions.

Now, we need to prospect and find new opportunities. As our customers cut back spending or consolidate vendors it is apparent there are fewer revenue dollars to go around. The technology continues to evolve in the printing industry, but we need to stick to the fundamentals. For example, there is great buzz about the new QR code applications. So if you are going to offer this new technology, be sure your team understands the benefits to the client. Before you add new technology, survey current clients to see what other solutions they are buying now and may be considering using in the future. Be sure you’re adding relevant solutions that help you win business. This will also ensure the salespeople are confident knowing they are offering their client base resources they already use or want to use in the future.

Having new solutions to sell gives salespeople reasons to meet with clients and increases your market presence.

Leslie Groene is a sales coach, consultant, speaker and author of Picture Yourself & the Life You Want.


Leslie Groene

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