It’s great to be back 100% after a couple months away from blog writing. After a couple of major hospitalizations over the past couple years for AFIB and pneumonia, my cardiologist and I decided that it was time to take aggressive action and zap out the electric impulses that caused my heart to get out of rhythm and often accelerate like a Maserati with a stuck accelerator. So I had a cardiac ablation procedure last month and I’m glad to report that all went well and I’m back in rhythm like Smokey Robinson and feeling great. So what does this have to do with BRANDING you ask?


Front CoverOne of the principles that we stress in our book, BrainBranding. Activate the Brain. Stimulate Your Brand, is that your marketing communications have to always be in sync with your brand strategy. Whether it’s your advertising, your PR, your signage, or your designs, what you communicate should reinforce what you want to be famous for with your customers and prospects. I remember a few years ago when I was directing the major annual sales meeting for our operations and merchandising staffs at Eckerd, we contracted with a well-known and respected speaker on customer service and employee relations to give a keynote presentation to the over 1000 associates and suppliers in attendance. I had seen this expert at another conference and thought his message was right on for our strategy to better serve our customers and build employee morale. When he arrived at the meeting hall, he immediately went into a rage that the video setup was not as requested, using four-letter expletives and basically talking to us (who were paying him a premium fee) like we were imbeciles. If it hadn’t been 2 hours before his presentation, I would have cancelled on the spot and I assure you that no one who was present at the rehearsal believed a word of his presentation. His actions were not in rhythm with his message nor his promotional materials. I can assure you that later as I became a professional speaker, I never recommended this individual when asked for a recommendation.

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Ken Banks

Ken brings over 30 years of retail marketing experience to his consulting and presentations business (KAB Marketing), where he specializes in helping companies develop effective brand strategies. A retail marketing executive for over 30 years, Ken most recently was an Executive Vice President-Account Management Director for Doner, one of the country’s largest advertising agencies, based in Southfield, MI.

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