PR Tips – Follow-up to Profnet & Haro Leads

Get great media by signing up for (HARO) or Profnet (a paid service through PR Newswire.) That way daily you will get emails from those who are looking for experts and you then get to respond to those and hopefully get quoted in major media. This is major media as well. (Magazines, TV, Radio, newspapers, blog sites, etc.) Totally rocks.

But for best results, you need to pitch quickly. We recommend that you create a template that you can pull up and easily respond to. Such as:

Good afternoon (personalize it):

I would welcome the opportunity to be considered. I’m (name, company name and website). We are an (type of business). We have been featured in (list your top places, ABC News, Fox, Forbes, etc.) Also, if you’ve numerous books including (mention any books you have authored.)

Here are my thoughts on (repeat what they were asking for.)
• Here list exact tips that you feel would help.
• Use bullet points if appropriate
• Be concise and to the point.
• Show your expertise. If you just list what everyone else is providing you won’t get included.
• Don’t offer anything but what they are asking.
• Write this as if it could go directly in the newspaper or article. Often times reporters do take exactly from these tips.

We do have additional tips we could gladly share and would welcome an interview.

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cell Phone
Email address

Here’s an example:

Good afternoon:

I would welcome the opportunity to be considered. I’m Diana Ennen, President of Virtual Word Publishing, I offer PR and Marketing services as well as PR Coaching. I’m also the author of numerous books including VA the Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA. I’ve been featured in Fox News, CNN, Woman’s World, USA Today, Reader Digest, etc.

Here are my best pitching tips:

• Before you send a pitch, go to 5 or 6 of the major publications you plan to pitch to and do your research.
• Review their article / blog postings for the last few weeks or more. This gives you a great idea on what they are currently interested in and writing on. Now write an article sharing your expertise on one of those topics and pitch those publications.
• For the major media they might require an exclusive. So pitch accordingly only pitching one or two at a time.
• Create Cision databases and pitch to those who would cover your topic. Write a very effective pitch that would interest them.

Thanks for your consideration. I would welcome an interview or to provide additional information.

Diana Ennen
Author / Speaker / Coach
Virtual Word Publishing
(954) 971-4025
(954) 599-3067

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