Pet Peeve: Salespeople who will not take calls from salespeople who are prospecting them

In the past couple of weeks, two salespeople fessed up to the fact that they “hate” it when salespeople call them.  They check caller ID and refuse to even consider taking a call.  They disrespect and resent their own kind.

Sheesh!  That is a major internal conflict for a salesperson; isn’t it?

A salesperson who wants prospects to take their calls and be open to sharing information, however, they are unwilling to give another salesperson a chance to talk with them.   There is a little hypocrite in all of us. . . It’s undeniable . . . however, this is major Role Rejection Call Reluctance.

When salespeople hate prospects calling them, how can they be comfortable calling prospects?

Okay, I realize it sounds like I’m being superior . . . however, I unplugged my Caller ID.  If I am in my office and not on the phone or facilitating a webinar, I pick up the phone and will talk to any “live” salesperson.  A sales guy, Jacky, has been calling me for three years about a color copier.  I’m getting closer and guess what?  When I’m ready to buy, he has my business.  Even though I could save $20-30 if I order it online, he’s the man who will sell me the copier.

I must confess, if the call is an automatic dialer, I hang up.  This happens around two to three times a day.

How does someone resolve their inner conflict?  I recommend you realize that all salespeople are doing their best with what they have, that they are all works in progress and some are underdeveloped, they have families, they have mortgage payments, they are real live people who are prospecting . . . which says a lot.

Breathe!  Why not take a call today from a salesperson and encourage them to keep on keeping on?

Wishing you a profitable, prospecting day!

Kadansky Connie

A Noted Authority on Call Reluctance and Sales Productivity The first cornerstone when choosing a trainer and coach is to find a person who is a proven authority in that area of expertise. As a Professional Certified Coach Connie has worked with powerhouse organizations including Fortune 50 corporations, Universities, Multi-national organizations, and National non-profits & Associations. She has also been written about or written in publications including The Wall Street Journal, CEO, Inc., Bloomberg Businessweek, Investor’s Business Daily, Small Business Opportunities, and many more. A Master Communicator across the Spectrum The second cornerstone when choosing a trainer or coach who can connect with an audience, help them identify their needs, teach them what they need to know, and inspire them to change. Not an easy task! However, Connie has done just that with audiences large and small for 16 years. Her files are stuffed with hundreds of testimonials and thank you notes from sales managers and professionals whose lives were changed by her message and her methods.

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