How to Give Your Business a Kick-Ass Brand Identity

Are you simply a vendor in your market or do you have a brand identity?
How often do you do business with companies that do a perfectly fine job, but you just don’t return? Not the ones that did a horrible job or offended you, but the ocean of businesses you had no complaint about and still didn’t go back to.


The homes bought and sold, the insurance policies, hair cuts, flights and sandwiches: the host of products and services you purchased, from businesses you never returned to. Why? Because these businesses did not identify with you beyond the product or service you purchased. They were simply vendors, part of a big pool of mediocrity that we are simply indifferent to. They don’t inspire because they don’t have brand identity.


Being simply a vendor is dangerous to your future because vendors generate indifference from the market. Building a brand is essential because well-defined brands inspire, generating loyalty and commitment to long-term relationships.

Vendors are not real businesses: brands are.


Even though most businesses are clear about the products and services they sell, many just aren’t clear about their identity in the market – making it that much harder to build sales, make a name for themselves and get a kick-ass response from their marketing efforts.


Never before has it been so vital to build brand identity. On-line and in social media it’s the vendors we delete and treat as junk. People and businesses with well-defined brand identity are the ones we choose and recommend.


In my work as a Brand Identity specialist when ever I ask experts in social media, graphic design, PR, web development & on-line sales and marketing “what’s your biggest frustration about your clients” they tell me: “They don’t know who they are”.


Facebook is beyond the phone-book, beyond the yellow pages and beyond any networking group you ever belonged to. Social media and social networks are where the emerging brands of tomorrow are being formed. Viral success is right at your fingertips as long as you don’t act like a vendor pushing your products and services at us and ultimately being ignored.


If you want to be a real business on line you must know who you are by focusing on brand identity. Your networks will thank you for it.


Social media is now embedded into our culture. It’s how we form opinions and make decisions about what we purchase and who we purchase it from. it’s also how brands find us via the recommendations of others.


Your Brand Identity is not a luxury; it’s a business necessity designed to inspire your market to choose you and enjoy recommending you. It becomes your blue print, like a checklist of key facts that are easy to communicate to anyone you do business with.


“What does Brand Identity give me?”

  • YOU define who you are with a unique personality for your business.
  • YOU stand out as the obvious choice.
  • YOUR customers find you and spend money.
  • YOU become easy to share and recommend.
  • YOU are a REAL business not just a vendor.


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