Cover all your bases

When I was a kid, I remember hanging out with the basement of my best friends Craig’s house. Craig’s Dad was a great man and a plumber.   I was always shocked that his bathroom in the basement wasn’t finished.   I told my Mom and I remember her saying something about a cobbler…   Well, I was young, no idea what she was talking about.

Over the past few weeks, I have been slammed with phone calls, emails and looking over site after site, FB pages, twitter accounts etc.   It makes me laugh that I have seen PR firms with no Facebook account, Social Media consultants with no twitter, marketing automation with no details at all.   Sales training experts pointing to youtube channels, with no videos.

Thank you World !!   For confirming that clearly ….. apparently there is a disconnect between sales and marketing.   I am looking forward to bringing educations out to who ever might need it!

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