Coke or Pepsi?

The other day I had a Coke in my hand.   It makes no sense to me on so many levels…  Let me explain.   I have done the Pepsi challenge 15 times or so and I have never chosen Coke.  As a kid, if I was ever going to get a “cola” it would probably been more 80% Pepsi and 20 % Coke based on what was in the fridge.   I even liked Pepsi better when I was working for Coke during a couple summer jobs, during high school (I never said that out loud when I was slugging cases)

Did you now they actually had 40,000 backlash letters about the way the test was conducted, heck even Malcom Gladwell weighed in on it.

My Girlfriend often comments, what a great slogan Coke has the “real thing”   Her belief is it makes you think why would I want to drink something else… but the real thing.

So, why do I do it?   Why did I purchase Coke and not a Pepsi?   And why do you?  (other than the fact… you might just like the taste better, this isn’t a food blog)


Secondly…  did I get sold a Coke?   Or was I Marketed a Coke?

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